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Start Your Career in Massage Therapy or Holistic Practice

Your Journey to a Harmonious and Rewarding Career in Massage Therapy or Other Holistic Therapies Can Start Today. Connect With Us Now to Learn More!

Start Your Career in Massage Therapy or Holistic Practice

Begin Your Journey To A Harmonious and Rewarding Career In Massage And Holistic Therapy. Contact Us Today to Learn More!

Edmonton's Leading Massage and Holistic Therapy School

About Our Massage Therapy School

Wholistic Health Training & Research Centre in Edmonton was founded in 1994 by Karim Kanji, who passionately believes in the connection between mind, body and soul and the gentle holistic balance of both Eastern and Western Medicine.

Our clinic is one of the most established massage training centres in Alberta, and prides itself on providing students with a comprehensive educational experience, while offering a collaborative and innovative environment.

Our holistic therapy training centre has a reputation for excellence and offers unique program content, small class sizes, a 90% career placement rate after graduation & a rewarding career in your chosen field of practice. Learn More.


Massage Therapy Training Programs Offered

Edmonton Massage Therapy

Our Philosophy: Massage is one of the most ancient healing practices practiced today. At Wholistic Training and Research Centre, our philosophy is rooted in the belief that massage is a delicate balance of scientific Western Medicine and the energy healing flow of Eastern techniques. Our massage courses are carefully designed with this harmony in mind. A Flexible Career: Massage therapy continues to gain popularity and recognition by both the public and the health care community. As insurance plans have moved to provide coverage, the job market has expanded rapidly. It has quickly…

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Psychosomatic Therapy

Psychosomatic Therapy Program Duration: 500 Hours Wholistic Health Training & Research Centre is one of the only holistic therapy and massage therapy training schools in Edmonton, even Canada that offers Psychosomatic Therapy. Our founder created this course content himself to ensure each of his students look at the body as a whole, and they understand that the mind, body and soul work together to make a cohesive being.   Psychosomatic medicine is rooted in the belief that emotions play a role in influencing mind, body and soul, which in turn can easily effect energy and illness in…

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Program Duration: 320 Hours By applying pressure on these certain reflexes, reflexology can help the body by:  Relieving tension  Increase blood circulation Relieving pain  Decreasing blood pressure  Supporting the body in functioning optimally  By the end of the reflexology program offered at Wholistic Health Training, students will be able to facilitate healing, help alleviate stress and maintain the body's natural state of equilibrium. They will also be able to help clients come up with a proper pain recovery plan, for long-lasting effects. After completing…

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Credit Courses

Credit Courses - Continuing Education in Massage Therapy Learning is a life-long journey that doesn't end after graduation. We offer continuing education courses that are uniquely designed to complement the core training you received during the course of your Advanced Professional Massage Therapy Diploma Program. Our courses intend to help you increase your knowledge base for your personal success and for your clients as well. We make sure that you have the information and experience you need to become and remain a qualified member of one of Alberta’s Professional Massage…

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Let’s Start Your Massage Therapy Journey Here. Together.

Take your future into your hands with Wholistic Health Training and Research Centre in Edmonton. Contact us with any questions about our massage therapy or other programs and we’ll provide you with the guidance you need. Let us help you achieve your education dreams, today.

The Wholistic Research and Training Centre Way



Wholistic Health Training is designed to prepare you for a career in your chosen area of practice.

We offer unique program content, small class sizes, and talented and experienced staff members who are always available to help you succeed. You are more than just another student number. 



Our programs teach you to do more than provide immediate relief and temporarily heal physical ailments.

You will learn to identify and treat the root cause of pain to achieve long-term pain relief by effectively incorporating both western and eastern massage techniques.



We have a 90% Post-Graduate Employment Success Rate! That means that 90% of our graduated students find work right after graduation.

After over 25 years of training and re-certifying students from around the world, we can confidently say our graduates have a level of education and hands-on training well above industry standards. The majority end up working in the field of their choice both locally and abroad.

Our Team

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Take your future into your hands with Wholistic Health Training And Research Centre in Edmonton. Contact us with any questions you have about our Massage and other programs and we’ll provide you with the guidance and information you need.

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