Admission into a Holistic Training School

Like nearly all post-secondary schools, holistic training facilities have basic requirements that are set forth for potential applicants/students. This is to ensure that you can understand the course content, as well as have the ability to analyze the information we will teach. Here at Wholistic Training, we are proud to be one of the oldest holistic training schools in the province. Below we will provide you with information based on the typical requirements for domestic students, international students, and the general basic requirements set forth by schools.

Domestic Student Requirements

Typically, the admission requirements for domestic students within Canada require a few basic things. Generally, these requirements are very easily attainable if you do not have them before your application. Listed below are some common requirements that a domestic student will need.

  1. The ability to read/write at a Grade 10 level in English is one of the most common requirements that we require as well as some of our competitors require as well.
  2. Ability to understand spoken/written English. Typically our courses, as well as others are in English. Some schools have the requirement of a High School or GED diploma as sufficient evidence of your English language abilities.
  3. Successful completion of an aptitude test administered by the school. 

International Student Requirements

While we wish we could accept all of the international students automatically, some criteria have been set forth not only by us but by the Government of Canada as well. Below we have listed most if not all of the requirements for an international student as required by us and the government.

  1. Students applying MUST provide proof of international education documents to assist in determining their eligibility. 
  2. A valid international study permit must be obtained before starting studies.
  3. Most if not all institutions require the successful completion of an English as a Second Language program. **We offer an ESL program if you do not meet the English requirements for our institution.

With this in mind, it is our goal to help ALL of our students become successful in their chosen career fields. No matter which path they end up taking, we aim to give students the best holistic training experience possible. We do this so they can feel confident in healing others.

General Information

All of the information we have provided above will help you understand a bit more about the admissions process into Wholistic Training, as well as other holistic training facilities as well. Below we have also provided some beneficial information to keep in mind when looking into the application process.

  • Some training facilities require that you go through an admissions interview.
  • Most post-secondary schools require that you are a minimum of 18 years old.
  • The fees for most schools will be different for domestic and international students. Typically the fees required for international students are higher.

 It is our goal at Wholistic Training, to be the top choice for YOUR holistic education.

Join our holistic family today. Apply online for one of our many programs today.


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