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How to Receive Credits for Massage Therapy Continuing Education Courses

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If you need to get your extra course credits for the year or if you just want to take courses to increase your skill set, see why credit massage therapy courses at Wholistic Health Training and Research Centre could be right for you.

Becoming a registered massage therapist is one of the fastest growing careers in Canada, and a rewarding career. At Wholistic Health Training, we open our students up to new opportunities and help you elevate your massage therapy career. Some of the perks of training at Wholistic Health Training include:

  • Small class sizes
  • One-on-One Training
  • Exclusive program content
  • A 90% career placement rate after graduation

Improve Your Massage Therapy Career

If you have already graduated with a 2200 hour diploma in massage therapy and are with a massage association in Alberta, you have to take extra massage therapy credit courses. 10 continuing education credits, every year, is a mandatory requirement for every registered massage therapist in Alberta. Credit massage therapy courses are intended to increase your knowledge base for your personal success and your clients as well. Continuing education credit courses offer an opportunity to:

  • Keep up with the latest holistic-related techniques
  • Learn and enhance skills throughout your career
  • Gain a significant leg up on your peers.

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Different Credit Course Offerings 

Wholistic Health Training offers a wide variety of massage therapy credit courses, in many different fields. Massage therapy credit courses are meant to be quick, informative, and most importantly, enjoyable.At Wholistic Health Training, we strive to give you unique classes to keep you engaged, and to further enhance your skills. Some credit courses that Wholistic Health Training offers includes:

Available Credit Courses

Our massage therapy credit courses have already been approved and are recognized by multiple massage associations in Alberta. Invest in yourself, and your future as a registered massage therapist and enroll in a massage therapy credit course today. If there is a credit course that you are interested in but we do not offer, call us at 780-461-6708 to tell us about your course idea. At Wholistic Health Training, we are always changing and adapting to make your experience as a student as great as it can be. 

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​To enroll in a credit course offered, contact us at 780-461-6708 or book an appointment with an advisor.

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