What does Massage Therapy Entail

What Does Massage Therapy Entail

What is Massage therapy? Massage therapy is a technique used to heal, relax and revive the body. Benefits of massage therapy include improved physical dysfunction/pain and stress relief.  Various Methods used in Massage Therapy  There are about 80 massage therapy techniques that differ in terms of touch, pressure, and intensity.  The types of massage therapies …

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Treatment & Therapy For Psychosomatic Disorders

Treatment & Therapy For Psychosomatic Disorders

Psychosomatic Medicine involves an individual’s mental state and emotions influencing the mind (psyche), body (soma) and soul. Psychosomatic disorders are visible as psychogenic pain or physical pain and other symptoms in the body.  Psychosomatic disorders People with psychosomatic disorders generally report the following symptoms: Chest pain Headaches Stomach aches Some conditions that can aggravate due …

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Dry Needling Vs Acupuncture Therapy – Uses, Risks and Benefits

Thin stainless steel needles are inserted into the skin to treat pain in acupuncture therapy and dry needling. However, a major difference between dry needling and acupuncture is their purpose. While acupuncture stimulates muscles or triggers irritable points, dry needling helps relieve pain and discomfort by balancing a person’s energy flow or chi. Therefore, knowing …

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Own Your Future

Own Your Future

Now you have successfully finished your diploma! Congratulations! You are now officially an RMT trained by Wholistic Training. Now you may be asking yourself “What is next?” There are many paths that you can take to be successful in your career as an RMT. It is up to you to choose which path you want …

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Nail Your Interview

Nail Your Interview!

As you make your way out of post-secondary school and into the working/professional world, you will almost always go into a professional interview at some point! (Hopefully sooner rather than later). For a lot of people, it may be their first actual interview, and for others it may be their fifth. Regardless of the number …

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