Financial Aid

Financial Aid Process

Finances are a major factor when choosing an educational institution.  Student loans can seem like a risk and not worth the debt, but sit down with one of our financial advisors today and see why it may be a viable option for you. 


Who Can Apply For Student Loans

You are eligible to apply for a student loan if you are: 

  • Canadian Citizen
  • Permanent Resident
  • Designated as a protected preson
  • Qualified to enroll in an approved post-secondary program
  • Enrolled in an approved post-secondary program

How To Apply For Student Loans

To help ease your mind if you are in need of financial assistance, our in-house financial advisors will hold your hand throughout the process of applying for a student loan. For more information about Alberta Student Aid, please visit Alberta Student Aid


When To Apply For Student Loans

It is best to apply for student loans as soon as you have made a decision on the school you want to attend. The sooner you apply the sooner you will know what amount of funding you are eligible to receive and you can determine if this is viable option for you. 


Payment Plans

If you do not qualify for financial assistance, we offer payment plans to help you get the highest level of education. Set up an appoitment with a financial advisor to learn more information on payment plans. 


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