Holistic Careers

As you progress forward in your career and goal to help others live more naturally, you may be asking yourself one big question. What kind of careers or industries can you go into? Luckily for you, choosing a career in holistic therapy can lead to many other possible fields of expertise. Because of this, the training you receive here at Wholistic Training will help you start on your path(s) towards a holistic career. With a basic knowledge of holistic health, you can eventually go into careers such as Physiotherapy, Massage Therapy, or Sports Therapy.

Let’s look at some of these careers more in-depth.


A physiotherapist helps patients to get back to moving by teaching them tips and tricks to heal themselves. Things can include providing education and advice as well as demonstrating and aiding in stretching/exercise. We currently offer a reflexology certificate that can provide you with the basic concepts and knowledge of the movement of the body. Currently, we offer three different reflexology programs (list in order of required completion):

  1. Foot Reflexology
  2. Hand Reflexology
  3. Face & Ear Reflexology

Each set of classes will provide you with the necessary skills to help patients regain control and mobility. It can also provide you with the knowledge for a potential future career as a physiotherapist. 

Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy is one of the most popular choices for a holistic career. Here at Wholistic Training, we pride ourselves on the extensive knowledge and experience that our instructors provide to our students. We give you the best experience, so in turn, you can provide the best experience to patients. We presently offer the following massage programs.

  1. Basic Massage Therapy (500 hours)
  2. Advanced Professional Massage Therapy Diploma (Year 1: 1200 hours. Year 2: 1000 hours). **The hours put in with our Basic Massage Therapy program can be applied to our diploma program**

Becoming a massage therapist will help you understand the physiology of the human body and help you heal others mentally and physically.

Sports Therapy

While you may think that Sports Therapy is similar to Physiotherapy, you are not wrong. They are both similar, but Sports Therapy provides more in-depth treatments. To clarify, this treatment may include injuries related to sports and injury prevention and awareness. Due to this, Sports Therapists can work in several different areas like Professional Sports or even private practices.

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