Own Your Future

Now you have successfully finished your diploma! Congratulations! You are now officially an RMT trained by Wholistic Training. Now you may be asking yourself “What is next?” There are many paths that you can take to be successful in your career as an RMT. It is up to you to choose which path you want to take. Many therapists will go on to work for various clinics, spas, and privately. 

One path many people want to take but are afraid to take is the one where you are your boss! Owning a holistic practice is achievable if you want it to! We will not cover everything, but we will give you some of the basics to remember when starting on your new path.

Know Your Stuff

One of the most important things to remember when starting on your own is that you go into the practice knowing what you are doing. We believe in preparing our students throughout their time with us so that they complete their diplomas or certificates feeling fully confident that they can provide the best treatments for their patients. 

During your time with us at Wholistic Training, we give you a solid foundation of knowledge in areas such as Massage Therapy, Reflexology, Psychosomatic Therapy, and Acupressure/Meridian Therapy. We give our students all the tools they need to practice their chosen fields with confidence.

Put Your Business Plan in Writing

One crucial thing to remember when you are starting your own business, you NEED to write down your business plan. You cannot simply wave a magic wand and presto! You have a business. Sadly, it is not as easy as that, even with all the technology we have available. There are typically two or more things that you should include when you are formatting your business plan, which are: 

Business Goals and Objectives

You need to ensure you write down your business goals and objectives! You should think about what you want to achieve and write it down. It is also a beneficial chance to think about your practice’s mission statement and philosophy. When writing all of this down, it is good to ensure everything you are writing is clear and concise.


Massage Therapists are almost always in demand. This is a good point in your business document to include market research. It may include things such as: what therapies people are wanting more of, which ones they find there is an overabundance of, and even what people are expecting to receive from treatments.

As we mentioned, these are not the only things that you need to consider when writing your business plan, but necessary to ensure you achieve the success you are aiming for.

Estimate Your Costs

Knowing your expected costs ahead of time will save you a substantial amount of time, headaches, and heartaches. While determining your start-up tasks may be a daunting task for most people, it will end up benefiting you immensely. There are some typical expenses and other things that you may want to take note of such as:

  • Occupancy
  • Costs for Operating
  • Capital Expenses
  • Marketing

When you have a basic idea of how the financial sector of your practice will work, you can then move on to looking into financing and other similar things. 

As you can see, numerous things go into opening your holistic practice. We can promise you that when you graduate from one of our programs, you will become successful.

Be confident in YOUR future. Register online for one of our programs today!


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