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Advanced Acupressure/ Meridian Therapy

Advanced Acupressure/ Meridian Therapy 

Course duration: 80 hours (40 hours in-class, 40 hours practical)

In this course, students will take skills and techniques from Basic Acupressure/Meridian Therapy and enhance them. They will be focusing on their assessment and evaluation skills, understanding a client's perspective, as well as perceiving the client through a Meridian Massage viewpoint. This will aid students to be better equipped to understand the root cause of common complaints - such as joint and muscle pain - and pains that are not easily distinguishable, unknown or misguided. The use of case studies, meridian routines and proper evaluative questioning will be integral tools in enhancing students' existing knowledge. 

Students will be exposed to the following:
  • Qualitative and quantitative questions to further deduce client pains through case studies and hands-on learning
  • Understanding of health and mental well-being and how these correlate to a client's current and mental and physical state
  • Understanding of bodily systems: circulation, organ function and the role endorphins play in the healing process
  • Benefits associated with Meridian and Acupressure massage
  • Energy balancing and identification of body imbalances
  • Understanding the appropriate use of language and the impact this plays within the course of treatment of a client

Once you have completed the Acupressure/Meridian Massage program and realize that you enjoy learning about different holistic massages, try our 2200 hour: 

Advanced Professional Massage Therapy Diploma Program 

This program is required in order to become a certified registered massage therapist in Edmonton, Calgary and other towns and cities in Canada.

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