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Aromatherapy is the inhalation and bodily application of essential oils to relax, balance, rejuvenate and enhance mind, body and spirit. It is considered a complementary therapy, which means it is used alongside western medical procedures as well as the natural flow of eastern techniques, to improve physiological well-being. 

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Program Duration: 1200 Hours

Aromatherapy is an important complementary medicine because it has a multitude of applications, from using aromatherapy oils as an antiseptic to prevent infections to creating skin care products, as well as complementing medical procedures to encourage overall healing. It is also important because it adds another dimension when practicing massage therapy. When using aromatherapy during a massage treatment, you encourage the client's well-being as well as increase the feeling of relaxation and rejuvenation. 

Students in this program will be introduced to a wide range of concepts including:
  • Purity of essential oils
  • Safe mixing & blending of oils
  • Integral biology 
  • Storage of oils
  • Danger of over dosage 
  • Nutritional factors
  • Pharmacological activity
Wholistic Health Training and Research Centre offers three levels in Aromatherapy:

Introduction to Aromatherapy (350 hours)

Basic Aromatherapy (500 hours)

Advanced Aromatherapy (350 hours)

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