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Advanced Meridian Pressure Points

Advanced Meridian Pressure Points  

Credit course duration: 3 days (15 hours) 

Meridian therapy is a healing art where touch and pressure is applied to the body's energy pathways (also referred to as the meridian lines). Those lines correspond to the energy in internal organ function and the mucular skeletal structure. Meridian therapy is concerned with the balance between all body organs, emotion and spirit as well as the meridian channel pathology. 

Thae aim of meridian therapy is to keep the body's vital energy flowing, eliminating blockages and enery losses. This therapy is also responsible for stimulating the body's own healing potential to prevent future imbalances. 

In this course, therapists will cover the following:
  • Yin and Yang theory 
  • Creation and Control cycles 
  • Law of 5 elements 
  • Laws of Mid-day/Mid-night 
  • Chi 
  • 12 Meridians and 2 extra channels 
  • Assessment and Case History 
  • Relationsip between Assessment and Organs 

Once you have completed this credit course and realize you are interested in Meridian Therapy, try our certificate program in:

Meridian Therapy

If you are interested in applying for the 3 day credit course or our Meridian Therapy Certificate at our Edmonton campus, call us today at 780-461-6708 to find a class that works with your schedule. 

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