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Face and Ear Reflexology

Face and Ear Reflexology Credit Course - 15 Credits

Credit course duration: 3 days (15 hours) 

Reflexology involves the use of pressure, which is applied to the body with the outcome of releasing tension and pain. The ultimate outcome is a sense of healing for the client. Our Face and Ear Reflexology credit course is designed to focus specifically on intimate components of reflexology and exploring the methodologies and practices specific to those components. 

Therapists will spend the time learning and improving on methodologies and practices pertaining to the hand, and creating specific treatment plans unique to each client. 

In this course, therapists will cover the following: 
  • Definition of Face Reflexology
  • Definition of Ear Reflexology 
  • Benefits of Face Reflexology
  • Benefits of Ear Reflexology 
  • Hygiene 
  • Zones on the Hand 
  • Face and Ear Charting
  • Treatment Plans 
  • Physiology, anatomy and pathology of the Face and Ear
  • Client Assessment and Case History 

Once you have completed this credit course and realize you are interested in Reflexology, try our certificate program in:


If you are interested in applying for the 4-day credit course or our Reflexology Certificate at our Edmonton campus, call us today at 780-461-6708 to find a class that works with your schedule. 

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