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Year Two

Advanced Professional Massage Therapy Diploma Program - Year 2 

New Class Starting on July 5, 2021!

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Program Duration: 1000 hours 

Year 2 of our Advanced Professional Massage Therapy Diploma Program is the final step in order to become a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT). It builds off of concepts and skills learned in Year 1 of this program. Once you complete our second year, you will receive our 2200 hour RMT diploma and are now able to join a massage association in Alberta to practice massage. You can also do a lot more than just practice massage therapy with this diploma. All of our classes are making a transition onto an online platform due to COVID-19.

With your massage therapy diploma, you can also:

Required Courses for Year 2 (384 hours)

  • Deep Tissue Massage and Neuromuscular Therapy (96 hours)

Introduction and techniques of deep tissue massage and application to real-life therapeutic environments. Learn how to incorporate proper body ergonomics and weight transfer to the client as well as learn stretch release techniques as well as myotonic release techniques. Focus on optimal ways to create varying levels of pressure that are required for deep tissue massage. 

  • Orthopaedic Massage (96 hours)

Orthopaedic Massage focuses on tissue and joints and musculoskeletal conditions of the body such as range, motion and pain reduction. Specific theory and massage practices pertaining to the shoulder region, lumbar & thoracic, cervical region, hip & pelvis, knee & thigh, foot, ankle & leg, as well as elbow, forearm & hand. Develop a key understanding of techniques that focus on improving the musculoskeletal conditions of the body. 

  • Sports Massage (96 hours)

Sports Massage focuses on sports massage theory and practical techniques related to physical health and mobility. Examine the specific needs of sports based theory and techniques that promote recovery. Learn therapeutic exercises for upper and lower body injuries, neuromuscular facilitation and isolated stretching in the upper body and hip. 

  • Pregnancy Massage (96 hours)

Pregnancy Massage course examines the various changes that may occur through the course of pregnancy. Examine skills and techniques to provide pain management, common complaints and safe and effective pregnancy massage techniques. Learn appropriate client positioning through various stages of pregnancy and the physiological changes that occur. 

Case Studies (100 hours)

Case studies are designed to prepare students with valuable hands-on, real-life situations and assessment experience. Case studies will be carried out in the following massage disciplines:

  • Deep Tissue Massage (25 hrs)
  • Orthopaedic Massage (25 hrs)
  • Pregnancy Massage (25 hrs)
  • Sports Massage (25 hrs)

Once all case studies are completed, you may proceed to take your practical exam. 

Examinations and Practical Exam (16 hrs)

  • Practical Exam - 4 Exams @ 1.5 hrs each (6 hrs)
    ​Upon completion of each course, students will conduct a practical exam on their instructor, to demonstrate technique and knowledge.
  • Written Exam - 4 Exams @ 2.5 hrs (10 hrs)
    ​This written, open-book exam comprises all material covered in all modules and assignments, including class discussions.

Projects (200 hrs)

  • Business Project: Business Week (100 hours)
    Students will examine and research business models, such as proprietorships, partnerships and corporations and conduct an in-depth analysis and business proposal.
  • Illness Project: Illness Week (100 hours)
    ​Students will write a research paper examining different illnesses and treatments that massage therapists may be exposed to throughout their careers.

Practicum (300 hrs)

​Practicum consists of over a period of 12 weeks with a requirement of 25 hours per week. Students will practice a number of massage related activities including:

  • Different hands-on massage modalities learned throughout the term, such as relaxation, therapeutic, seated chair, breast, and lymphatic drainage. 
  • Theory and operations involved in massage therapy learned throughout the term 
  • Professionalism 
  • Ethical conduct 

Once you have completed our Advanced Professional Massage Therapy Diploma Program and have become a registered massage therapist, try out one of our certificate programs to make you stand out from your fellow graduates. Some of these certificates include:



Psychosomatic Therapy 

Meridian Therapy 

Upgrade Your Hours

Are you already a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT)? We offer continuing education credit courses that can enhance your RMT training.

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