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Advanced Psychosomatic Therapy

Advanced Psychosomatic Therapy 

Course Duration: 300 Hours

Completion of Basic Psychosomatic Therapy is a requirement before continuing onto Advanced Psychosomatic Therapy. Advanced Pschosomatic therapy builds off concepts, skills and procedures learned in Basic Psychosomatic Therapy

Various ways to examine emotional wellness are explored within the practice of psychosomatic medicine. Students will be taught to analyze the whole body in relation to the emotions that correspond to particular illnesses in the body. They will also be taught how negative and positive emotions play a role in energy pathways and astral projection. Students at Wholistic Health Training are taught how to balance, recover and rejuvenate any individual that has an illness using psychsomatic medicine. 

Students will be exposed to more advanced concepts of Psychosomatic Therapy including:
  • Body and mind analysis - how we create change in our life
  • Learning the body and energy pathways 
  • The power of the hands 
  • Assessment (Visual, Oral and Physical)
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Case studies 

Before completing the Psychosomatic Program, students must complete 100 hours of practicum practicing psychosomatic medicine. 

Once you have completed the Psychosomatic Therapy program and realize that you enjoy learning about different holistic massages, try our 2200 hour: 

Advanced Professional Massage Therapy Diploma Program 

This program is required in order to become a certified registered massage therapist in Edmonton, Calgary and other towns and cities in Canada.

For more information on our unique Psychosomatic Therapy certificate or the Advanced Professional Massage Therapy Diploma Program, please contact us or call us at 780-461-6708

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