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Reflexology is a non-invasive holistic healing art and science. It is based on the fact that there are various pressure points in the hands and feet that correspond to every gland and organ of the body.

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New Virtual Class Starting on  July 19, September 20, and December 6 2021!

By the end of the reflexology program offered at Wholistic Health Training, students will be able to facilitate healing, help alleviate stress and maintain the body's natural state of equilibrium. They will also be able to help clients come up with a proper pain recovery plan, for long-lasting effects. After completing the Reflexology program at Wholistic Health Training in Edmonton, students will be able to join the Reflexology Association of Canada (RAC), which has plenty of benefits for a practicing reflexologist. 

At Wholistic Health Training and Research Centre, the reflexology program has 3 levels of Reflexology (with a total of 6 classes) that will fully equip you to become a successful practicing Reflexologist. In order for you to receive your certificate you will need to complete the following:

Reflexology of the Foot 

  • REFX105: Foot Physiology & Mechanics 
  • REFX106: Foot Reflexology Treatment

Reflexology of the Hand 

  • REFX205: Hand Physiology & Mechanics 
  • REFX206: Hand Reflexology Treatment 

Reflexology of the Face & Ear 

  • REFX305: Face & Ear Physiology & Mechanics 
  • REFX306: Face & Ear Reflexology Treatment


Each Reflexology class can be taken individually. Please note that you are able to take each level separately and will receive a certificate of completion for that portion of the program.

Career Advancement

Taking reflexology courses can help you greatly in your career advancements with benefits to more career fields than just reflexology. Some of these career fields include: 

Virtual Classes 


Our classes have transitioned to an online learning platform due to COVID-19. Online courses are designed by Wholistic Training faculty with simplicity, usability, and accessibility. Our students will also have access to tools to help them succeed in their online studies.


Take this time to get ahead. Study at Wholistic Training and benefit from our online learning platform that brings education to you, wherever you are. Wholistic Training is committed to giving you a great online learning experience. Class size is limited to ensure interactive and collaborative virtual classes.


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New Virtual Class Starting on July 19, September 20, and December 6, 2021!


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