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Foot Reflexology

Foot Reflexology 

New Class Starting on July 19, 2021!

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At Wholistic Health Training, we vow to have innovative, informative, and practical classes enabling your success as a Reflexologist. Education is dynamic! Innovation and development of this new curriculum incorporate new concepts and techniques. Students will spend time learning and improving on the methodologies and practices pertaining to the foot and creating specific treatment plans unique to clients.

Students will be exposed to the following concepts:

  • Learn how to value the importance of the foot and its relationship to physiology, anatomy and pathology
  • How to accurately use the information to create a unique treatment plan
  • Identifying unique conditions to the client and learning to shape a treatment plan specific to a client's needs
  • Theory of the foot: Understanding foot reflexology and its uses in the past, and how it has been adapted into modern-day practices 

There are 2 classes you need to complete in order to complete Reflexology of the Foot:

  • REFX105: Foot Physiology & Mechanics 
  • REFX106: Foot Reflexology Treatment

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To learn more about Foot Reflexology, contact our Edmonton campus or call us today at 780-461-6708.

New Class Starting on July 19, 2021!


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