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Hand Reflexology

Hand Reflexology

New Class Starting on September 20, 2021!

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Touch and the use of hands are, arguably, the most important part in ensuring a massage therapist is providing the right pressure and care to a client. In this course, students will begin to break down the importance of the use of touch. 

Students will be exposed to the following concepts:

  • Gain a full understanding of standard methods of hand reflexology as well as those used in various parts of the world
  • Successfully applying unique pressures to the hand
  • Understanding various methodologies, reflexes and techniques
  • The role of the hands in maintaining the emotional connection to pain within the body
  • The ethics of touch surrounding the use of hands today and identifying how much pressure is required for each unique client

There is 2 Reflexology of the Hand classes you need to complete:

  • REFX205: Hand Physiology & Mechanics 
  • REFX206: Hand Reflexology Treatment 


To learn more about Hand Reflexology, contact our Edmonton campus or call us today at 780-461-6708.

New Class Starting on September 20, 2021!


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