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Study Tips

Study Tips

Study as you go

Learning new information simultaneously is tough. How do you keep up without getting stressed out? Try and review what you have learned for the day, every single night. This way you are able to retain and understand the information, and are able to track where you may need some extra support. You will be surprosed how this little trick will keep you on track with all the material.

Colouring books

Are you surprised? Little did you know that you were going to revisit your childhood again. You will be learning new anatomy and information every day, what better way to learn than to colour code your notes. 

Form a study group

If you like working with a group of people, this is a great way to learn and familiarize yourself with new material. Each person in your study group will bring different strenghts and experiences, and you will be able to practice techniques with each other. If you are studying for course material in our Advanced Professional Massage Therapy Diploma Program, you will get a free massage out of your friends and learn new things - what a perfect combination. 

Create a recording

If you have trouble retaining information by just reading, try to create a recording. Read your notes aloud into a recorder app and play them back at any time for a refresher. This is a great way to study if you are on-the-go.

Create Quizzes

There can be a lot of terms and processes to remember for each course that you are taking. Create a quiz or cue cards either on paper or online to keep yourself up to date. This is an easy way to get a leg up and stay on track for success in the course. 

Explain to a friend

Find a friend who is not educated on the subject you are studying and try to explain terms and processes to them. If they understand, it shows you know the material well enough to teach a novice, and to ace your exam. 

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