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Generally, one of the largest concerns that students tend to have when attending a post-secondary institution is how are they going to pay for the education. Numerous different channels are available here in Alberta so you can find the method of payment that is the most beneficial to you. Luckily, below you shall find various types of student funding available to you while attending post-secondary training. There are types of funding available for full-time and part-time students. Examples are loans, grants, scholarships, and awards, as well as lines of credit from banks.

Each person is different; therefore, they may have a different preference as to what they would like their funding to look like.

Loans and Grants for Full-time/Part-time Students

With Alberta Student Aid, you can receive either Alberta / Government of Canada student loans or grants from the province; this is based on your situation. There are a few differences between receiving student loans as a full-time student versus as a part-time student. Let us look at the subtle differences below.

Full-time Student Loans

Being a full-time student in Alberta, you may be eligible for both the Canada Student Loans and Alberta Student Loans. As a full-time student, you only need to submit one application, but you may receive approval for both loans. That would mean you would have two separate loans to repay once you have completed your schooling. 

Part-time Student Loans

If you are attending a post-secondary program as a part-time student here in Alberta, you are only eligible for the Canada Student Loan. If you are approved, you are only required to pay back the one debt versus both debts. Which at times, can be less stressful for people.


Luckily, in Alberta, the determination of your eligibility for grants depending on what information you put forth on your application(s). This means that you do not have to apply for any of the available government grants separately. Yay for less stress!

Scholarships and Awards

Scholarships in Alberta are plentiful for students, and there is such a large variety of scholarships that you can apply for. The scholarships/awards available to look at on the Alberta Student Aid – Scholarships Section has information regarding all of the student scholarships available through the government. The incredible thing is that scholarships are available from $500.00 cad up to $15,000.00 cad depending on your courses etc. 

Some schools will also have scholarships/awards available specifically to their students; this can be found on the student awards section of an institution’s webpage. 

Line of Credit / Loans from Banks

When looking at going through a bank for a loan or line of credit, it is important to remember there is a big difference between the two. A line of credit is essentially reusable and more flexible with the usage, whereas a loan is more concrete and is not accessible once used. Banks will usually have the same basic criteria for qualifying for either one of these but may also have more specific guidelines. 

With all of this being said, it is a good idea to talk to one of our Financial Advisors to see what option(s) are the best choice for you.

Do not let money come in between you and your dreams. Register for one of our programs online today and speak to a Financial Advisor about your funding options.


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