Professional Holistic Associations

As you venture out into your professional career(s), you may think about the types of associations that are available for you to join. Across Canada, there are numerous professional associations that you may join once you’ve become a certified holistic practitioner. Depending on what profession you choose, it will depend on which association you may need to join before starting to practice your profession. 

The associations we will discuss are typically related to the programs that we offer here at Wholistic Training; they are Massage Therapy, and Psychosomatic Therapy. Each of these fields has different associations related to them to provide guidance, training, and information.

Massage Therapy

One of the main associations for massage therapists in Alberta is the Massage Therapist Association of Alberta. This is one of the only professional associations in Alberta that solely represent massage therapists. Like many associations, there are numerous benefits to joining this one. Some of the benefits include:

  • Being on a public ‘Massage Therapist’ directory so that people can find your name when searching for a new therapist
  • Your membership dues INCLUDE liability insurances like Malpractice Insurance and General Commercial Liability Insurance
  • Access to career/job postings

Like our Advanced Professional Massage Therapy Diploma program, the MTAA also has educational information on massage therapy to help you further your knowledge. 

Psychosomatic Therapy

People sometimes consider Psychosomatic Therapy not as effective as other types of therapies. However, with our Psychosomatic Therapy program, you will learn how to treat patients by analyzing their mind and body connections. Unfortunately, there are few associations for people in Psychosomatic Therapy, but one of the common ones is the International Association of Psychosomatic Therapy.

This association was established in 2003 to support people in the field of Psychosomatic Therapy internationally. Similarly, they have established a general standard of practice for members. They have also set up educational information on their website to help members stay up-to-date on the latest information regarding their profession.

We will provide YOU with the education to succeed in your professional field. Register with us online to start your new journey. 


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