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Psychosomatic Therapist: Who Are They? What Is The Training Like?

When you take our Psychosomatic Therapy program, you will get a strong base foundation and understanding of the connection between the mind and body and how to use energy-based healing to relieve stress, tension, and illnesses. 

Some of the questions you may be asking as you read this are: 

  • Who are Psychosomatic Therapists? 
  • What does their training involve? 
  • Is it a good career path for me? 

We will answer these questions for you! So keep reading for more information to see if this is a good career for you.

Who are Psychosomatic Therapists?

The most common question that people have regarding “Psychosomatic Therapists” is who are they and what do they do? Don’t worry if you have no idea what they do. That is normal. A Psychosomatic Therapist is someone who helps treat a person based on not just physical symptoms but also social, psychological, and behavioural factors. They also help people to learn how emotions affect our bodies physically and mentally. 

Psychosomatic Therapists aim to understand the psychological factors impacting someone’s health versus utilizing medication to resolve issues. In this day and age where mental illness is common, it is important that more and more people understand that mental illness can in fact have an impact on someone’s physical health and well-being. For many people, having a healthcare provider who understands the MindBody connection helps them to be more comfortable when discussing their issues.

What is the training like for an aspiring Psychosomatic Therapist?

Well, first if you are considering this career path, congratulations! It is a wonderful and exciting journey. Becoming a psychosomatic therapist, will not online change your life, but the lives of many people around you. We offer a Psychosomatic Therapy Program which provides students with the following:

  • A foundation of what psychosomatic therapy is and the science behind the mind-body connection 
  • An understanding of  the relationship between one’s body and mind
  • The relationship between yin and yang
  • Using energy points and energy-based healing
  • How mental illnesses and their physical/psychological effects on the human body
  • How to conduct a visual, oral, and physical assessment of a client

Honestly though, becoming a Psychosomatic Therapist will not only help you learn about your body and mind, it will allow you to understand the bodies and minds of your clients and other people you interact with.

Help others feel better, and think better. Register for our Psychosomatic Therapy program today.


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