Benefits and Uses of Acupressure Therapy

Acupressure and Meridian Therapy is an ancient form of medicine with roots in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). 

What is Acupressure?

Physical pressure is applied to specific points to clear blockages, restoring flow which helps the body return to a more natural state of well-being by restoring the flow. 

Here a few ways acupressure therapy works:

  • Acupressure practitioners use thumbs, fingers, palms, feet and sometimes elbow to exert and apply pressure to specific body points. 
  • Acupressure sometimes also involves acupressure massage or stretching. 
  • A typical session lasts for an hour. However this may differ from case to case based on treatment, condition, and concern. For example, one may need several sessions for the best results, which may be every other day or a few times daily.

Acupressure Points-Massage

According to TCM principles, unseen energy pathways called meridians flow within the body. In addition, there are approximately 14 meridians connect the organs with other parts of the body. 

Some of the ways in which meridians influence acupressure therapy: 

  • Acupressure points lie against these meridians
  • Practitioners influence the flow of chi (qi) energy in the patient by applying pressure to specific points of the body
  • Two points targeted by the acupressure therapists include:
    • Local points: spots where patients experience discomfort or pain 
    • Trigger points: connects to the points of the body (local points) experiencing discomfort or pain. 

In other words, pressure is required at these points to clear up blockages to ensure a healthy and balanced flow of chi (qi) energy through the meridians.

Benefits & Uses of Acupressure

Acupressure is a gentle and safe therapy that helps improve bodily function and alleviate symptoms of many common disorders. For example, some of these disorders include:

  •  Anxiety
  •  Headaches
  •  joint pain
  •  migraines, 
  •  stiffness/body pain/back pain
  •  immune system deficiencies
  •  acidity or various types of digestive problems. 

In addition to these, other benefits include relieving menstrual cramps. Acupressure therapy is also beneficial for one’s hair and skin. It promotes hair growth by stimulating blood circulation, which helps to bring oxygen and fresh blood to the hair and scalp. Working on pressure or acupoints also benefits one’s skin by improving metabolism and relaxing muscles.

Though Acupressure is safe and is not age-restrictive, people still need to discuss acupressure therapy with doctors before undergoing acupressure therapy. 

Some precautions and side effects include:

  • Soreness or bruises at the points of pressure. 
  • Pregnant women should avoid acupressure therapy as specific acupressure points can cause miscarriage. 
  • Treatment of open wounds, varicose veins, areas of inflammation/ swelling should not be undertaken through Acupressure therapy. These problems can be tackled using other TCM therapies like herbs, oils etc.
  • In addition, people who have high blood pressure, cancer, arthritis, heart disease or chronic conditions must consult their doctor before trying any therapy, including Acupressure which involves movement of muscles and joints.

Wholistic Training, teaches methods for Acupressure/Meridian therapy to students so that they can help clients benefit the most from a treatment session.

To help others benefit from Acupressure Therapy, register for our Acupressure and Meridian Therapy program today. In addition, this program is in the evenings and is available as 100% remote, in person or hybrid. 


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