What Massage Is Right for Your Patient

At Wholistic Training, we train our students to help their patients feel better by teaching them a wide variety of massage styles and techniques. The goal we have in mind, as mentioned previously is to help our students learn the best way to assist their patients. We want all patients to receive the highest level of benefits from their treatment(s).

We are lucky to have a team of experienced instructors leading the classes for our students. They bring extensive knowledge about the world of massage. Currently, We have instructors teaching several types of massages including breast and lymphatic, deep-tissue, seated chair, and even sports massage. 

Let us look more into some of the massage types that we teach our students.

Breast and Lymphatic Massage

This type of massage is simple integrate into a patient’s regular massage should they request it. The goal of this massage is to help patients reintroduce the flow of lymphatic fluids in the breast tissue. This type of massage can be used to alleviate several issues such as:

  • Pain from Augmentation
  • Improves the posture of a patient
  • Can reduce emotional duress 
  • It can assist with trauma to the chest

Currently, we teach Breast and Lymphatic massage in Year One of our Advanced Professional Massage Therapy diploma as a class with a total of approximately 60 hours. 

Deep-Tissue Massage

When you give someone a deep-tissue massage, you will work out all their knots in their muscles by using pressure. A knot is a hard and sensitive part of a muscle that will contract even when it is at rest. Knots in your body can be occur by a number of things from stress to being sedentary. When you give your patient a deep-tissue massage, you can help them alleviate several issues like:

  • Stress due to several things
  • Inflammation is the body that may be caused by pain
  • Poor sleep habits
  • Pain from injuries

At this time, we teach students about deep-tissue massage in both Year One and Year Two. In Year One, it is a 25-hour case study, and in Year Two, it is a 96-hour course that is alongside a Neuromuscular Therapy class.

Seated Chair Massage

Typically a seated chair massage involves three things: You (the therapist), your patient, and a specialized chair that has been designed to support the body and relieve tensions in the muscles. Typically a therapist will perform this style of massage through a patient’s clothing and without using oils or lotions. 

This style of massage is generally beneficial for patients who have limited mobility and have a more difficult time getting on and off a traditional massage table. Currently, Seated Chair massage techniques are covered in Year One of the Advanced Professional Massage Therapy Program. It is a 25 hour required case study.

Sports Massage

This type of massage is good for people who have a more physically demanding lifestyle or have physically demanding hobbies. In Year Two of our Advanced Professional Massage diploma, we go in-depth and teach you about the impact of a physically demanding lifestyle on certain joints, muscle and tissue groups.

Help others sit back and relax. Register for our Basic Massage Therapy program or our Advanced Professional Massage Diploma program today!


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