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Here at Wholistic Training, we believe that the way we take the approach to teach about holistic therapies is what makes us stand out above our competitors. We take both a science-based western approach and combine it with the flow of energy from Eastern techniques. We believe that helping others learn how to heal people using our unique approach puts us at the forefront of holistic education. Some of the reasons that we are your best choice for a holistic education are Our Approach, Our History, and how our facility is different.

Let’s take a look.

Our Approach

Providing you with the right tools from the start will help enhance your education and foster your love of learning. Learning should not be just about sitting and reading, it should include hands-on demonstrations and practice. Because of this, our goal is to help you go above and beyond the requirements of what is needed to become a holistic therapist or massage therapist. 

One of the best things about our program credentials is that it’s one of the most recognized in the country. Our Advanced Professional Massage Therapy diploma program will lead you to become a successful RMT in Alberta. 

Our History

Wholistic Health Training was founded back in 1994 by President & CEO Karim Kanji. He was seeking alternative ways of healing after not seeing beneficial results for his son who required medical treatment. After gaining more knowledge about holistic healing and combining that with his previous technical knowledge, he created Wholistic Training and Research Centre.

The goal of opening up the training centre was to help others learn how to heal holistically. With this passion and dedication, our centre has become one of the most recognized holistic schools in the province. We also proudly hold the title of the oldest massage therapy training centre’s in Alberta. With the history, passion, and dedication behind our training facility, we continue to provide the most unique, positive, and beneficial holistic learning experience.

Our Approach

One of the best things that people like about our training facility is our approach to how we help you learn. One thing we emphasize is that students receive the best and most unique learning experience possible.

We provide this by having small class sizes so that there is more one-on-one time between the students and instructors. We are also lucky to have experienced and knowledgeable instructors that are passionate about holistic healing and teaching others. Our approach to your holistic education is what makes us the best choice for you.

Not only do we walk the walk, but we also talk the talk. Our diploma programs have a 90% career placement after program completion. We give you the tools to exceed patient’s expectations. As a result, we have become one of the most well-known massage therapy schools in the province, and  

We will help you help others. Register for one of our programs online today!

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